Social Media For Shared Ownership Success (Part 2)

Social Media For Shared Ownership Success (Part 2)

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Author: Chris Hornbeck, CEO, Resort Insiders

Published: RCI® Ventures

In the second article focusing on the opportunities missed by many shared ownership operators in the social media space (read the first part here), technology expert CHRIS HORNBECK talks about thinking differently, and capitalising on the latest techniques to gain competitive advantage.

When targeting specific demographic segments with social media, thinking outside the "company box" is a useful strategy being employed by a growing number of marketers. Most social media platforms allow the creation of profiles for non-company-based entities, communities, or interest groups, which gives the marketer the ability to create a wide range of location-based, interest-based, or lifestyle-segmented platforms.

By administering these types of non-product-based communities and keeping potential customers interested with informative, relevant content, useful social media marketing segments can be created. Industry-specific examples might include a "deal of the week club" for a certain resort location, or perhaps a content-driven platform based around skiing in a particular resort area. These socially-generated "lead lists" can then be used for both active and passive prospect generation efforts.

Social Media Is Constantly Evolving

As the social landscape develops, many new opportunities continue to arise, though finding creative ways to use new technologies to interest consumers in a product that is historically marketed through non-traditional means can be elusive.

One example of a cutting-edge industry application is the use of location-based social platforms and mobile software, such as Foursquare and Facebook Places, to enhance "OPC-style" prospect generation programs with GPS position-based advertising. By offering a properly-placed marketing premium in exchange for a prospect's "check-in" at an OPC location, visitor center, or resort, marketers can produce a "real-world" traffic flow of potential customers.

It's clear that social media, and the unique marketing opportunities it provides, are here to stay in the vacation ownership industry, but it remains to be seen if timeshare companies can really learn to innovate and create in the space. Implementing effective social and relationship marketing strategies can greatly benefit a company in the long run, elevating long-term customer engagement and product development, while ideally providing a creative catalyst for the evolution of outdated sales and marketing processes.

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