About Our Company

Resort Insiders, an innovative sales and marketing firm offering an extensive suite of executive consulting, digital marketing, business development, and marketing operations consulting services to developers, resorts, travel clubs and marketing companies in the worldwide vacation ownership industry, was founded by industry veterans Dennis Brisson and Chris Hornbeck.

Our executive team has extensive experience in project development, site-level management, sales and marketing management, lead generation, information technology, and more, having held past executive positions at large companies such as Wyndham and Festiva and developed many project of our own.

"Because of the broad range of services we offer, we're able to effectively work with clients of all sizes. Whether you're a multi-property resort developer interested in creating new marketing programs or optimizing existing assets, or a start-up vacation club that needs much more extensive executive consultation, including setup, compliance, and product launch, we have the experience and the tools to make our clients successful," says Hornbeck.

The firm's focus on new media and technology as an integral facet of its consulting work draws on the partners' experience creating innovations and industry-firsts in the fields of lead generation, online product sales, and digital marketing/e-commerce. A proven track record of effective and cost-efficient tour generation includes experience simultaneously managing multiple high-volume projects, along with call centers, OPC, and lead generation operations.

This cutting-edge work, combined with years of extensive experience in executive marketing management, high-volume tour generation, OPC, owner/in-house marketing, on-site marketing management, sales process improvement, legal compliance, client location-based sales and marketing ("home-sits"), and regional/national lead generation, gives the firm the ability to provide an entire spectrum of vacation ownership marketing services to its clients.

Popular Services

Executive Sales & Marketing Consulting

Our firm draws on years of executive experience in the industry to provide effective, profit-driven executive consulting services, expert business process development, and ROI-driven sales and marketing solutions to our clients in the vacation ownership industry.

Feasibility Study/Business Planning

One of our clients' most requested services is the development of in-depth research studies, business plans, and financial planning methodologies necessary to determine profitability and feasibility of any new project.

Digital Tour and Lead Generation

Resort Insiders has a unique approach to the development of vacation ownership lead and tour generation campaigns, including innovative approaches to customer targeting, technology, training, and process management, heavily dependent on the use of cutting-edge technologies. We produce tours of all types for (minivac/fly and buy, day drive, OPC, referral, etc.) digitally, providing low risk, high-payoff marketing opportunities for our clients.